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Award-winning antivirus

Detects, blocks, & removes viruses & spyware

Identity protection

Prevents spying and data theft

Privacy protection

Permanently deletes sensitive data

Better performance

Faster smarter scan

Why Profix?

Profix  has years of experience providing device optimization,
premium software solutions, and professional client care.
We specialize in solving our client’s problems with the newest
remote technology. Our highly qualified experts possess vast
knowledge of all major operating systems and software,
Profix strives to help our clients clarify and navigate old,
existing, and new systems. Our unique approach to client care
gives us the ability to help clients in the safety of their own
home or office. Allow us to be your helping hand with
simple to complex issues.

Protect Your Personal Info

Your online identity and credit are a big part of who you are.
We’ll keep you safe from threats so you can enjoy
technology without worry.



Browse, shop and bank online with confidence. Don’t compromise your personal information.



We’ll keep your device running smoothly with speedy fixes and regular tune-ups. Free diagnosis!



Award-winning antivirus  protects all your devices. Prevent malicious threats and hacking.

Our Services

  • Web Development & Design

    Your website is a gateway to your brand – a critical communication channel

  • IT Solutions

    We provide digital transformation solutions,enabling companies to make their visions reality.

  • Software Development

    Our team of highly skilled and expert engineers cares software development processes ranging from design to after-sales services and maintenance.

  • Secruity

    Profix security solutions are designed to improve your small business security posture.

  • Operating System

    No matter which operating system you currently use or are about to use, despite your anonymous selection.

  • Browsers

    There are various types of browsers such as Mozilla firefox, Google chrome, Internet explorer and etc.

  • Laptops

    Are you a frequent laptop user? If you are then contact Pro Care to provide you laptop tech support.

  • Desktops

    desktop computer is a personal computer (PC) in a form intended for regular use at a single location.

  • Peripherals

    In addition to its hard drive and processors, every computer depends on peripheral devices to receive and display information.

  • Setup Install

    Let us help put you in the driver’s seat with your computer. Whether you just purchased a new computer

  • Data Backup Restore

    The one thing enterprise data is not is “uniform.” Which is why your data protection

  • PC Optimization

    What’s going on with your computer? Is it slowing down and driving you crazy

  • Help Repair

    Need help with a technical problem? We’re here to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • PC Secuirty

    What you do not know about PC security really can hurt you! Call Us at  (800) 657-1508